Your submission

Cruel strap-onHey you. Yes, you, I’m talking to you. You know what you are, right? We both know.

You want to be useful. To serve. To enjoy and to suffer. To live. To be.

You’re afraid of what might happen, but you’re dying it happens. The desire to be used corrodes you, to live all those things you keep in your mind jealously.

You know? You have an overheated imagination. This you’re thinking right now is really dirty :)

I understand you.

In fact … who better than me to understand your needs, your desires, your kinky side, your insatiable voracity?

I know you.

I know how hard you want to be and to what extent you feel excited by thinking that your Lady whispers all of this while, for example, stabs her fingernails into your genitals.

You want to belong, to be under the protection of a Dominant Woman, submit to Her, surrender to Her.

You feel identified with what you’re reading, so I suggest you to fight for Her. But read me well: for Her. Not each one of them. Do you realize the difference?

Although it could also be that the only thing you need is a bit of romps without further consequences. A blackmail, a timely session, a flirtation, a conversation.

Live it the way in which you choose to do so, the way in which your decision will make you happy.

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