Trust is an impression, is the credibility we attach to certain people. It’s not the same as complicity, although there are times when one goes hand in hand with the other.

If trust fails, absolutely everything fails with the person who has let us down. If we can not trust ours … what’s left? If our people do not trust us … what kind of surrender (or friendship, depending on the case) we will get?

I’m not that type of women who delude themselves giving chance after chance for constantly crashing against the wall. Although I am not infallible.

When something interests me, I ponder the realities that exist in the precious tirades they dedicate me, I observe body language and behavior of the speaker and I’m not usually wrong in my views, and although they can lie to me once, I’ll see the second coming and will not catch me by surprise. If I grant a second one.

The building we intend to build will fall with the first storm if we have a weak foundation. And I like solid constructions.

Not that I’m suspicious, I think “skeptic” is a word that defines me better. Who really want an approach, finds a way to overcome the barriers of my skepticism :)

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