Torturing a slave

I leave a small gift in the form of videoclip. I’ve taken the trouble to upload it to an adult platform so everyone can see a bit of the start of a session that lasted all night in the dungeon.

Here you can see nipple torture with sharp Japanese clamps, testicular press, some restraints and, although it can not be seen, my face of satisfaction with the screams was epic 😀

The image was not too sharp and the lighting was not the best, but it was my first video clip and still did not consider those details that make the difference.

The slave who had the privilege of tasting my tortures is not mine anymore, nevertheless these and other scenes remain in our memories.

There are two more parts of the videoclip, although these five minutes of the beginning of a torture will serve to a lot of you satiate your curiosity to see me starting the action. And the one who is left wanting to see more, just go to my KinkBomb or Clips4Sale studies and download everything you want.

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