To be a Financial Mistress

A couple of days ago I received a comment on the post “Respect”, but decided not to publish it because I did not liked the tone in which it was written. However there were several important questions and I will answer.

The commenter stated he resorts to professional Mistresses when he needs them and explain briefly what a professional is for him. So far so good, except that my post was not referring to what a professional Dominatrix does or does not do, but how rude are some trolls.

And continued: But his thing “I’m not a professional, I am a financial Mistress” I do not understand. What a financial Mistress really is? Is it that you  take the payroll of who dare to get to your feet without even ensure some kind of compensation?

Evidently, the author of the paragraph does not have much idea of what a moneyslave is, the slave who enjoys giving money and gifts to his Mistress, for whose the true fetish is to make efforts and economic sacrifices to please his Mistress, to whose absolute excitation is to provide not only his body, but whatever Mistress accepts.

What is a Financial Mistress? There would be many answers to this question as there are so many different types of financial Mistresses: those who want money without major implications, those that reinforce the slave with remote control (a practice I also do sometimes through many technological tools currently available to everyone) and those who establish (among which I include myself) a D/s relationships taking the slave (not necessarily a moneyslave) at their service where money is one of their demands (accepted by the slave, of course).

For me, being Financial Mistress is not to ruin anyone, the goal is not to stay with your payroll or properties, I don’t offer more “compensations” than those derived from taking a slave as a property, that is, I do not offer a service, but is the submissive/slave who serves me.

There have been cases that I have slowed the impulse of the submissive because I consider myself responsible for him. I can humiliate him and make him suffer, but the aim is that both enjoy and not he finishes under a bridge.

I don’t accept everyone who comes shaking a wad of cash with proposals that I do not want, if there’s no feeling, if they come with conditions or if their mental imbalance is obvious.

Let’s say I prefer to know and they know me, and if there are chemistry and complicity, I can consider imposing my necklace. Never forget that I am a MoneyMistress, I admit that I might consider myself as a professional although I point out so that no one be deceived coming with their demands and my Nick-name is the one it is 😀

I have left many things in the pipeline, as my world is very large, but I think with these paragraphs is enough, that I’m not going to tell you all, lol.

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