01I can understand, and in fact I enjoy, watching the adventures and balances that some make to cope with their double life of exemplary husband and father and CruelDama’s slave.

I allow them to evolve with some leeway because there are areas where I do not go: work and family. But it’s fun to check occasionally experiencing anxiety because they can not have all the time to be at my feet and fulfill their tasks without affecting (or at least that they are hidden) or their public life and, of course, to their relationship with me.

And sometimes it is difficult to combine the two, although I grant licenses often because I have more slaves to take care of. But what I do not consent are folds.

A slave, my slave, should not hide anything to me, much less lie, because although it may “sneak” something at some point, the truth will come to light sooner or later and that’s where I take drastic measures or shelve directly. Nor am silly but sometimes I play to see how far can a tangle of intrigue reach.

I keep watching a mouse specifically, the feline claw will come when I feel like (and he least expect it) 😉

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