Thrilling sadism

210As emotional sadist, I love the tremendous flow of contradictory feelings I can awaken in my slaves.

It’s wonderful the sensation to see my slave relaxed, worshiping me, telling me his concerns, to suddenly unleash a considerable anxiety for him to cater to my requirements. From keeping a calm conversation to change the tone pointing out my authority; from giving my attention to ignore him when things are not exactly the way I want them to be. Seeing his uncertainty, feeling it … Those little psychological nuances and many others make my emotional manipulation become increasingly stronger. They keep slaves alert, awaiting my words, striving what is up for them: to serve me.

The slave must learn from the start to prioritize his choices and if his priority is his person, will have no future at my feet.

I was born to be served, but not in any way. Cruelty is part of my being. I am a lovely and ruthless Cruel Lady 😀

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