Thinking aloud

If to make things clear is to be aggressive, then yes, I am. Although I don’t think so.

Tell me… if you receive an average of 50 emails a day asking whether there will be tribute, when every day you write a post with the tags: Financial Domme, Financial Domination, blackmail, moneyslaves… (yes, FemDom and others too, that you do Female Domination, no matter who gets upset), when constantly you mention it directly, when you are on social networks like Findoms or EliteFinancialDomination…

I will summarize what those magnificent privates are: offers of 24/7 (just like that, without you may know the person concerned and cheerfully could get him into your house and maintain him, of course, since he already gives himself, what a nonsense to talk about money, right?), fantasies in which the useless suggests you to prostitute him and you stay with the benefits (which, incidentally, is a criminal offense), in which all the idiot seeks is to get a hard cock and and take a hand job done, wankers talking about their imaginary boat where they will bring you to Stupidityland, idle saying they will make an income immediately and vanishing when they see you don’t believe them, dreamers who think you will leave everything and stay with them, for their pretty face or trying to set the pace of an alleged relationship giving for granted uninvolved beyond those words they think you want to hear…

And no, not all are like that, 1% serious are spared, but that percentage know how to reach me.

Well, if you had that diary outlook, still with a smile on your face, would not come a time when you write a post like this? :)

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2 Responses to Thinking aloud

  1. Roxandra Fox says:

    Yesterday’s post was in no way aggressive. You are a strong willed woman who knows her own mind and speaks it plainly. Unfortunately, for some, the truth hurts and they need to get a life rather than complain about someone who speaks the truth. As for those who write to you suggesting you satisfy their various fantasies – legal or not legal – they plainly do not understand the D/s dynamic – a sub’s or slave’s life is all about his or her owner and keeping them satisfied and not at all about getting their own fantasies played out. If they clearly do not understand this then you are more than right in trashing their mail.

  2. Roxandra Fox says:

    El post de ayer fue de ninguna manera agresiva. Eres una mujer de carácter fuerte que conoce su propia mente y habla claramente. Desafortunadamente, para algunos, la verdad duele y necesitan una vida en lugar de quejarse de alguien que dice la verdad. En cuanto a quienes escriben a usted sugiriendo que satisfacer sus fantasías varias – legales o no legales – simplemente no entienden el D/s dinámico – un submarino o vida de esclavo es todo acerca de su dueño y mantenerlos satisfechos y en absoluto sobre llegar agotado sus propias fantasías. Si claramente no entienden esto estás más bien en desconfiar de su correo electrónico.

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