The power of desire – Tease and denial

StrapGrant and deny. Excite and brake. Take to the limit and repress. Tease… and denial.

Being in control includes my games with the sex of my slave. And I am not referring solely to his genitals, but also to impose and decide when I want him to ejaculate, how, how often, if he deserves that award or I flatly deny. His pain belongs to me, but his pleasure is mine too.

Maintaining the slave into a prolonged arousal can induce him to a pleasant state that, as in the case of a chastity period, increases his submission. Although in very different ways. In fact, completely opposed.

I got a new toy who can not stop panting. Pity, today he will have to keep holding all this euphoria while I drive him crazy and savor his pleas 😀

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