The community speaks

227Was not going back on the topic, but I can not ignore I’m delighted with the international FemDom community (and part of the BDSM community).

I’ve received countless expressions of affection from great Ladies in lifestyle and scene and endearing messages from submissives and slaves worldwide.

I assure you that for me the types of events to which I have mentioned these days (attacks) are not new (and neither are for any woman that stands out a bit). One of my slaves says ironically, “it’s the price of fame, my Owner.”

Anyway, sarcasm aside, I thank you all for your emails and messages on social networks although not that great (everything has the importance that we give), it’s really rewarding to feel you all.

But today I want to change direction. I’m investigating new forms of entertainment. Epicureans and Cyrenaica apart, I’m an inveterate hedonistic and always go a little further in the pursuit of happiness and pleasure.

Curious? Well, I’ll be bad and leave this topic for another time 😀

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