The ages of Cruel

I can’t stop smiling when I am told that of … “at your age, you are gorgeous” 😀

Modesty aside, yes, I’m great, both with the tagline “at my age” as without it, that one has coquetry, good genes and the happiness that is noticed from outside.

In spite of my age (lol), I have a lot of strength and inner life, so that the package is not everything.

But you have no idea about what this mature woman enjoys her life and is going to squeeze it.

Female longevity of my family is fascinating. My grandmother, gorgeous and flirtatious until the last moment, at her 103 years, asking her caregiver to plucking her eyebrows, matriarch of a series of women of character, she went with all my respect and admiration. Her times were different and her personality developed in very different ways, but never stopped being someone to keep in mind.

And no, I’m not half the beauty Great Lady had, but her character and, like her, a Dominant and positive mind, although I am perhaps a bit more fetishistic 😀

I’ve lived a lot, but I still have the best and a life full of things to learn. Because a Lady like me has a lifetime ahead…  even at ages she has :)

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