Surprising Contest

Banner concursoIt seems the Humiliation Contest has been a blast. In all aspects.

I’ve received all kinds of responses, some in the form of photos directly and even congratulating the initiative, others… in short, no catches me by surprise because I’m used to the braying and I’ll not give it more importance than the one it has, this brief mention is enough nothing. I do not go on pages I don’t like, I assure you I don’t know how those of Catholicism, for example, are 😉

Thanks for your participation, the response has been brutal. It’s a pleasure to feel you, send photographs or not.

I’ve received emails from all around the world and there are some really good.

I love humiliation and, apparently, I’m not the only one : D

Postscript: Had no time to translate the pic of the post, but it’s obvious the translation is: Humble yourself!… do you dare?

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