Submissive pride

11julio1copiaToday I bring a somewhat thorny issue, in fact, the post title can be a great oxymoron.

We assume that in Femdom and BDSM (and I repeat it often) each one involves till where you want to. And remember the phrase, that then you misrepresent things.

Well, seated that basis that it is sometimes good to remember, some submissives cling to it with nails and teeth to justify their seeking a D/s relationship of equality. (This is where I can’t help but raise an eyebrow). And they argue with: I surrender my body, my soul, my mind … and I wish the same from the other party. (And here I can choke on if I’m having coffee).

I can not conceive a Femdom or D/s relationship “of equality”. Appreciate my slaves (although sometimes may not look), but from there to me having to give explanations of what I do, that I surrender … 😀

I think it’s great that a submissive has expectations, but there is no equality in my relationships, because that’s how we want it. I dominate them and they surrender to me, not vice versa. In no case. What we do is complement each other: they serve me and I allow them to do so. Even sometimes I grant them some privilege than another. But that’s not equality, right?

A submissive, a slave, is proud of the service he provides to his Owner, to overcome fears and even limits, of the sacrifices he makes for her.

Anyway, there is no an unmovable dogma to live Femdom, D/s or BDSM, because in our subculture fits all kinds of combinations and anything goes as long as situations, people and practices make us happy, either the way it be.

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