Submissive mind


I do not agree at all about the claim of some that say the submissive mind is very simple.

They may have points in common, but every mind (submissive or not) is different, with its own characteristics. Is that you treat the same way all submissives? Really don’t you bother to inquire within their mind or test what stimuli and trigger move them (and what blocks them) to take them wherever you want?

I can understand that many enjoy only a physical Domination, without further implications, but for me it’s not enough. I need to own a mind, sometimes even before going to a physical plane.

What can I do with a body that surrenders to me when he wants and vanishes when not? Yes, I’ve also played occasionally with mutts, but nothing compares to satisfy the instinct of property, to own inside and outside, to have a real and true surrender.

We can enjoy tremendously a humiliation and a mind fuck, but to get to that point there is a previous knowledge work, to probe and learn to play with those emotions that will trigger the response we want and not remain on a mere theatrical performance.

Working on the inside I get the best results. Without losing sight of common sense and personal ethics, relationships with my properties are as I desire, intense and real. And with ups and downs, of course, there is not a graphic plain, as it’s played with many variables and there is the whole sauce.

I’m not talking of brainwashing, do not confuse, I always say I don’t like automatons. When a personality attracts me I don’t want to change it , I just change patterns of behavior and the purpose is to please me in the way I want (by submitting their wishes and needs and prioritizing mine) and at the same time, performing their tasks and obligations is also their happiness.

Of course, to get to that point you need a time of training and constant work that many do not enjoy because it’s more comfortable to assume that the submissive will do everything he’s told. I think that’s how many D/s relationships fail, because if you do not enjoy the way (the steps to understand and submit each submissive mind), you will not get a long lasting relationship.

If you own a mind you will have everything. However, a human property entails a number of responsibilities that many do not want to assume. And this is my opinion: everything is fine while the parties are aware of what they do and accept it :)

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