Some slave awards

IMG-20130718-WA0027Not only punishments and correctives are part of the education of a slave. Sometimes his devotion need to be strengthened by keeping his desire and passion for me. With simple everyday gestures, that I enjoy and are small signs of attention for them, I can reward a behavior or effort and, at the same time, motivating the slave in his constant learning.

Making him kiss my hands, fingers, feet or any other part of my body, are obviously gifts which result in his humiliation and arouse the erotic of power.

Encouraging his fetishism allowing him worship my shoes, underwear, stockings, etc. gives an erotic charge and a superior power to the Owner’s objects.

Using his tongue to clean my boots, clothing, accessories, toys of torture or my body, awakes his desire.

Biting his lips, or tongue is a sign of affection and it captures his attention completely.

Spitting a chewing gum or other bauble on the floor and he has to pick it up with his mouth is a vexatious prize and more humiliating if I also step on it and he has to peel it off with his teeth from the sole of my shoe.

Raping his mouth with my heel, sometimes aggressively, places each of the members of the FemDom relationship to their level and height. Thing we both enjoy.

Interrupting the obligations of the busy slave to make of him a thing for a while (footstool, chair, table, etc.), submits his mind to his Owner and wants to keep being exploited.

While he does the dishes, cooks or another task, I can approach from behind and caress/attack his most intimate zones tempting his desire and appropriating his helpful willingness.

He can do gymnastics while I am leaning or sitting on his body, forcing him to reach my feet, buttocks or whatever I want him to reach.

Embellishing his body with my underwear, a ring, rope or belt in his testicles or marking him with a message (CruelDama’s slave, owned by CruelDama, etc.), reduces resistance and encourages his effort.

A spanking by passing, pinching his nipples, a slap to activate his bloodstream or a pressure in his testicles are precious signs of appreciation.

A golden shower in his mouth or his body is something many yearn for and it’s one of my ownership marks.

What would we do without all these countless moments of fun (rewards and punishments included)? 😀

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