Sissy maid

vistiendo 5A sissy has a whole philosophy: uniform, behavior, discipline, etc.

The most popular colors of her uniform are usually black or pink. Silk, vinyl, latex, saten, leather, with many ruffles.

A sissy should behave as such. She’ll keep an eye on her behavior, voice, gestures, appearance. She’ll obey her Mistress and will be aware of what she orders and wants, from household chores to take care of Mistress image and body.

A sissy knows that her failures will be punished. Whip, cane, crop are forms of discipline among the most common. Sometimes will do housework handcuffed or chained, will always wear her collar over her uniform during assigned tasks.

There is much to say about sissification and, as I see it’s a topic you are interested in so I’ll continue posting about it on other occasions.

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