publicidad11I appreciate the willingness of my slaves and have in mind every single detail they offer me. But sometimes is unavoidable giving a warning and even raise my voice in a precise moment to make clear how I want things to be.

Furthermore, if all were smiles, it would be quite cloying, wouldn’t it?

In the day to day, especially if it’s a relationship with living together included, there may be frictions and even misunderstandings. There are days when the mood is not the best, they have not slept well or have some discomfort. And I contemplate all these variables.

However, what I don’t tolerate is a lack of respect, bad answers or that they make me feel uncomfortable in any way, because that’s when I remind them what they are while make them know how annoyed I am. And sometimes not only with words.

The truth is I can not say that these situations are repeated very often but there are times when a quick and visceral reaction is necessary to stem problems afterwards.

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