These days I am shopping with one of my slaves. In the picture you can see me going crazy with the boots, though ultimately chose not white, but that same model in black. But those are also divine, so do not rule out to go back for them 😀

I love boots, shopping, try on things, my little dog follow me with bags, grant him a little tease in the changing rooms (or in the store) to feel his heart racing in the same way I see the desire on his face to move to a full-blown denial and continue my shopping route until dinner time or until I want to continue my torture in private.

My laughter echo in the car when I check that my power over him is evident because the pooch starts spinning driving around the center and not knowing where he is going, is lost in some way we’ve done a hundred times before and knows it or unable to hide his excitement in public and abandones himself to my wishes.

Today I have an appointment in a manufacture of latex clothes study to choose and prove some stuff. And you know how exciting latex is. Will my slave withstand all the time? I feel naughty and eager to play 😀

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  1. Connectasy says:

    Thank you for sharing that delightful story. I love the image of your devoted pet following you around the shops, struggling with the bags, and having to get his credit card out every time you choose something to buy for yourself. And then the thought of him drunk on your power and allure in the car, his brain scrambled to mush by your refined feminine presence and control!

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