látigo largoI keep getting proposals of sessions, and I have said several times that, although I have played with stray dogs and have even done some double Domme sessions with friends of mine, I prefer to do it with someone who wants to stay at my feet.

I’m not against making professional sessions at all, since I’ve done them occasionally, but I get involved and feel them more if it will not be a simple session, if there is a continuing project and not a “here I catch you, here I kill you “and nothing else.

And I stress that I am very playful, but I need some feeling and that the slave seduces me somehow. A simple message or a cold email tells me not much. Also, I have the default to be the one who decides if I have a session with this or that pooch, so work it a little more 😉

I know some feel tremendously turned on with the possibility to be with me, but “How can I have a session with you?” is not the best way to reach me.

Yes, I know, I’m difficult, whimsical and Cruel. But I’d never denied it 😀

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