1-6A short conversation last night made me think of a particular class of seeker submissives, longing for an opportunity.

I’ll not say all are this way, at all, as there are also wonderful undiscovered gems.

Today I speak of  those satellites looking for a world that doesn’t require the cold eclipse of loneliness (one of them told me those exact words).

And are they really looking for a place to belong? Or just have a good time sheltered by a Domme who consents to their claims?

Do their wishes lead them to want to be slaves or are they already slaves to their wishes?

A little bit of pain, a lot of pleasure and the wistful seeker submissive will be satisfied. Until next time his genitals will remind him his urgencies; time he will resume his struggle to find his desired Domme.

Surrender? Yes, of course, surrender… circumstantial surrender, with his rebelliousness, that nobody take it away, it’s also his pride and brags about it to the audience relying on the justifications of those who shun commitments and those who like to top from the bottom.

Do not despair, little dreamers, life is composed of small moments of satisfaction and everyone is entitled to them.

Even myself, from time to time, play with any mutt without major implications 😀

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