Ruptures and reactions

3Dic2014 copiaThere are so many reasons for a rupture that I will not speak today of causes. Some come and some go. That’s life, but sometimes it is difficult for the submissive dealing with the separation if the relationship has been intense. Thinking that he will not see her, hear, laugh or serve her any more is something that for some seems impossible to assimilate … from one day to another.

I’m not saying we are insensitive and we don’t mind that a slave leaves, but I think that Femdoms have a different emotional maturity, and even establishing close relationships with the properties, we know that everything has an expiration date, even with honeyed words of eternal and unconditional surrender they dedicate us. This does not mean that doesn’t affect us (or that we allow certain emotions are visible), but we assimilate reality and continue with our lives.

But … How long does this mourning period for a submissive male? Certainly there are some that are slow to assume their new situation, but usually the submissive does not lose too much time licking his wounds and then submits its application to the ladies who are on his way.

Not the case of the female submissive, she uses to be involved emotionally to the point of needing support from others to get over a breakup, it’s hard for her to take the step back for offering to another Owner and is much more selective.

Are we women more consistent with what we express or has more to do with our nature? Here I leave an important question to start the weekend 😉

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