Seems many of you expect that at any one time I’ll tell unspeakable secrets or substantial gossips to delight yourselves with them.

That will not happen.

What you read and see here is what you get. I’m not going to tell things that belong to my privacy. I’m not going to make up stories to entertain you.

As all of you, I keep a lot of things I don’t want to expose publicly. And, of course, I protect the identities of those around me.

This blog is about FemDom, with my experiences, photos and reviews, not a reality show for bored housewives.

CruelDama is real, a woman of flesh and blood who lives her life as she pleases, who shares many things, who contributes to the dissemination of her lifestyle.

I receive emails with very intrusive questions that go straight to the trash and others asking me the most basic questions about Domination. Ladies, there is no a handbook of the good Dominatrix, each one must develop her Domination based on her personality, her preferences, her interests. To acquire an own style is desirable, although it’s great that you observe the others, because there are really admirable Dominas. Be yourselves, not a bad copy of another.

And I’ll keep my little secrets, both on Domination and personal 😉

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