Preconceived ideas

chupaSome submissives keep an appointment with a Domme with the conviction that she will have the personality they have imagined, the one we are supposed, as if we were clones with whips and crops into our handbags, ready to fulfill all their fantasies and dreams as soon as we see them.

Why to stop and think that it is they who have to adapt themselves to our proposals and that we will not do anything we don’t want to do? That would mean to exercise their mind a little bit and perhaps they get to not wanting conclusions: it is not they who will write the script of what will happen, either on that first date or in a relationship with us.

Although we admit proposals and suggestions, the last word will not be the one of the submissive, but ours.

We will not impose a collar after introductions (the one they visualize beside crops into our handbags). A collar must be earned, unless we speak of an agreed punctual game, but then it will not be a collar of ownership.

Come to a date with expectations, fantasies and desires, but leave preconceived ideas at home because if after that first date, she proposes (or she grants) another, is that something has gone well.

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