People and characters

As with any group, community or subculture, in FemDom and BDSM we find all kinds of people.

There are those who know the theoretical and even give lectures on how things should be point by point (and, incidentally, have no real relationships), those changing of necklace like underwear, those who impose these necklaces after a “good afternoon “, those doing some practice without major implications, those that are attracted to the subject but are hesitant to take the plunge, those of us who work in some way to spread and gather like-minded people … and those who really live it the way we like, those we feel and make feel.

Everyone enjoy it in their own way and we all have preferences. Some seek an occasional spanking, others do not want to go beyond online contacts … of course, nobody is forced to anything.

Among the characters that swarm through our little world, highlighting the sufferers of Top’s Disease, ie, those who believe themselves above any submissive, that all owe them obeisance and who have rights over them. This usually happens to the “new dominants” those who come with a stunning arrogance, pretending to know everything and messing up at every step. Over time they might learn that they can be arrogant with their properties, but others are free to allow or not that attitude. Or disappearing.

But we can also find the opposite, the bottom’s disease, that being who plays his role with exaggerated servility and behaves as if, being submissive, had no right to live.

It would be desirable we don’t stop being ourselves at any time, regardless of our role, and if we do not know something, it’s great to observe, ask, inform and learn. The important thing is not to dramatize, but really enjoy.

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