Sensations of a FemDom

castigosWe can theorize about anything endlessly, verbalizing feelings, passions, pulsions and desires. We generalize in order to communicate with each other and sometimes even our vocabulary, for more extensive it may be, is not enough to describe everything we wish to express.

I pride myself on having a good command of the word (though my English is far from being perfect), however, often prefer to leave arguments aside and devote myself to just feel.

Emotions are an important part of my life. I refuse to live a mediocre and gray existence without frights that activate synapses between my wonderful neurotransmitters (that’s why they are there, right?).

I am not of those women who stay in the cave while the male hunts. I am one of those why that male (and some other female) sighs and tries to please, of those who allow the male works for my pleasure and convenience, of those who do not hesitate to go ahead through thick and thin after any missteps, of those who enjoy their lives with relish and delight.

Selfish? Of course, I am. I own the selfishness of knowing that what’s mine is all mine to do whatever I want. Of course, if it were not so, I have no qualms about set aside what is useless and continue my way with my best smile and the useful things at my feet.

Arrogant? Maybe, but I would change that adjective by assertive.

I’m at that point in my life where I do not even blink to make a drastic decision. I know what I want and how I want it. I do not like empty syrupy words nor sugary hollow people. Wait … I think I’ve always been that way 😉

Yes, I am also sensible and even empathetic, but that does not mean stupid.

In short, I love to feel. If you’re going to interrupt me, do it for something that may interest me.

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A busy FemDom

11julio1copiaEvery day I enjoy the small details. There are many things that are taken for granted and we don’t given them the value they really have.

We remember how wonderful it is to have electricity at home when the electrical system breaks down, for example, and we have to wait an electrician come to fix it, right?

After months of absent, I spent the last week in my home in Madrid. I took advantage of my time to put in order a few things and do some shopping at my favorite stores, in addition to attending some shows wonderfully accompanied by two of my slaves, who received me with countless expressions of respect and joy.

When unforeseen circumstances arise and must be addressed, I put my hands to the work. And it’s in those moments when it is established who our unconditionals. I prefer to feel proud of myself striving on what matters and not living striking a pose to others.

You ask what I’m doing and where I am. Well, I have already said that I am in the north, taking care of things I consider my responsibility and, at the same time, making a Masters Degree I had parked for a long time, though I will come back very soon and hope to see you all on my return at these thousand and one events we like so much. Thinner, wiser and more beautiful! 😀

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Being a professional Domme

lickMany Dommes contact me asking about the best way to start in FemDom and Financial Domination in a professional way so I’ll tell you that, besides your skills, the first thing you have to consider is what resources you have to do so.

Being present online is indispensable nowadays. Social networks and thematic pages are not only a great way to keep in touch with people all over the world, but also to learn from others and being known.

No need to start with a website with your own domain and hosting, because that means hiring both services. There is no doubt that having a site with your nickname and a .com domain makes a big difference, but today there are many online sites where you can create your own free page very simply based on templates that, although include any annoying advertisement, it will provide a starting point.

Furthermore, there is also the possibility of creating a blog on Blogger or WordPress very easily (until I migrated them to my website, my blogs were on Blogger for several years). And here I warn you that although my blogs work with WordPress, they are on (paid platform), not (free). The difference is that does not allow adult content and may remove your blog with all your work in the trash at any time, while using you do what you want on your site with no more restrictions than, for example, the Law on Cookies and some other technicalities that you will learn quickly.

It’s important that your potential customers see something of you, and I don’t mean just your wonderful personalities, but here we must note the visual that men are (and much more the fetishist ones). You don’t need to show your whole face, there are many ways to shot, but your own pictures are a must. What kind of photos? Well, that depends on where you’ll focus your professionalism: whether real sessions or it will be virtual FemDom or Financial Domination with many or few fetishes in terms of equipment and clothing.

And besides the outfit, need a place to work, a dungeon or a room intended for such purpose with the more suitable decoration to your intentions (furniture, tools, etc.). If you don’t have your own place, there are beautiful dungeons for hire where you’ll have great times with submissives. Or, if what you will do is online Domination, get a good webcam, lighting and sound equipment, make yourself beautiful and enjoy.

Watch out for the huge amount of submissives who pretend to be personal slaves, that is, seeking to wear your collar without spending a penny. It’s great to own slaves, I myself own several, but if what you want is to be a professional Femdom or Findom, make it clear that you don’t need personal slaves or otherwise you’ll be entertaining them hour after hour in exchange for nothing. And your clothes and fetishes (not to mention bills) are not paid for themselves 😉

Interacting with other Ladies is important, as well as attending an event from time to time. You need others to see that you are real, human, not robots with heels repeating all the same. Look at what the others do, but do not copy them. Develop your own Domination, because that will be your brand.

Not good to put all subs with the same brush, since each one is different from the others, even though there may be many things in common. Some of them love humiliation, for example, but others do not enjoy it. Inquire, do not be afraid to ask, because only in that way will get everything to be perfect. And, of course, respect the limits of the submissives who come to you absolutely always.

And these are some basic things to keep in mind. There are many others, but I have no doubt that you are smart women and will avoid obstacles as they arise. Best wishes to all :)

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Your submission

Cruel strap-onHey you. Yes, you, I’m talking to you. You know what you are, right? We both know.

You want to be useful. To serve. To enjoy and to suffer. To live. To be.

You’re afraid of what might happen, but you’re dying it happens. The desire to be used corrodes you, to live all those things you keep in your mind jealously.

You know? You have an overheated imagination. This you’re thinking right now is really dirty :)

I understand you.

In fact … who better than me to understand your needs, your desires, your kinky side, your insatiable voracity?

I know you.

I know how hard you want to be and to what extent you feel excited by thinking that your Lady whispers all of this while, for example, stabs her fingernails into your genitals.

You want to belong, to be under the protection of a Dominant Woman, submit to Her, surrender to Her.

You feel identified with what you’re reading, so I suggest you to fight for Her. But read me well: for Her. Not each one of them. Do you realize the difference?

Although it could also be that the only thing you need is a bit of romps without further consequences. A blackmail, a timely session, a flirtation, a conversation.

Live it the way in which you choose to do so, the way in which your decision will make you happy.

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Torturing a slave

I leave a small gift in the form of videoclip. I’ve taken the trouble to upload it to an adult platform so everyone can see a bit of the start of a session that lasted all night in the dungeon.

Here you can see nipple torture with sharp Japanese clamps, testicular press, some restraints and, although it can not be seen, my face of satisfaction with the screams was epic 😀

The image was not too sharp and the lighting was not the best, but it was my first video clip and still did not consider those details that make the difference.

The slave who had the privilege of tasting my tortures is not mine anymore, nevertheless these and other scenes remain in our memories.

There are two more parts of the videoclip, although these five minutes of the beginning of a torture will serve to a lot of you satiate your curiosity to see me starting the action. And the one who is left wanting to see more, just go to my KinkBomb or Clips4Sale studies and download everything you want.

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