FemDom Goddesses

smokingA little controversy, I know that you like đŸ˜‰

Anthropologists claim that the belief in invisible forces or powers hidden behind the visible realities are manifested, among other things, through the phenomena of nature. These forces can intervene in the lives of the human being and, therefore it arises the need to create superior beings (Gods) to explain what he does not understand and placate them to avoid their punishment and beg for their blessings.

Monotheistic religions brings together all the supreme qualities (eternity, creation, perfection, power, judgment, etc.) in a single extra-terrestrial God, they promise a happy spiritual life after death to capture subjects who hope to overcome the carnal death and where the earthly representatives require behavior of its believers and set their moral principles (good against evil, empire of the religious community on individual desires-instincts, etc.)

The rules of coexistence of different civilizations have historically been based on the moral standards of the majority religion in a given territory and in the ethical code accepted by society in a generational space-time.

Submissives / slaves admire women in general, seek Ladies with whom to establish a FemDom relationship; if they are surrendered, the Domme is set in the anxious mind of the submissive and actions-reactions show his devotion to the Owner.

FemDom is a relationship where the submissive accepts and seeks the Domme personality (good-bad, Goddess-Devil). It is an earthly relationship where we want to be happy here and now, not in a future spiritual world. It is a real relationship, where those interested establish their way of living, not the interpreters.

In FemDom there is a Goddess, a unique superior being, and at least one believer who will beg/serve the Domme to get her blessings and awards and devotedly strive to avoid the punishment-anger-disappointments of the Owner.

Is it FemDom, as some claim, a religion in modern times?

For me FemDom is a lifestyle, what is it for you?

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A FemDom tidying

publicidad1Not my responsibility fulfilling the expectations of others, but I focus my responsibility in what I consider that falleth to me.

And yes, I delegate many functions but, as we all know, when we want something important done right, nothing like doing it yourself.

This past year has been exhausting in many ways for me, but also very rewarding in others. I’ve got some goals that I proposed myself and I’m proud to protect those I consider mine.

In these recent times I have rejected many candidates to serve me, since I have been focused on other important things that needed my attention, in addition to my needs for Domination and my sadism are more than covered with those who demonstrate they deserve a place at my feet.

But my door is not completely closed and occasionally let a mutt rears its paw. Though sometimes he gets hurt if I decide to slam the door if what I see behind that paw does not interest me.

No, CruelDama has not disappeared. That Woman still has many battles to fight :)

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Vanilla vs FemDom lifestyle

210Yeah, I also tried at a certain moment a vanilla relationship. But, after several failed attempts and huge amounts of boredom, not to mention how much I loathe that my decisions are questioned or the dramas because of jealousy and nonsense, I came to the conclusion that I had to be consistent with myself and be what I am.

It was not something that happened from one day to the next, since everything takes time, so I was taking steps slowly, so things were taking shape. I did not give up anything, but chose what pleases me and went making decisions to integrate my lifestyle in daily life.

And no, my slaves and I don’t live in a world apart, we are not a sect or a secret society filled with obscurantism. Quite the contrary. We are normal people, the kind that you come across every day in the street, who exchange greetings in the elevator or who are at the table next to the restaurant where you eat.

The differences with the rest of the people are subtle and you will have to look for a lot to realize small unimportant details. As when any of my companions stirs the sugar in my coffee and give it back to me when it’s mixed, holds my umbrella if it rains, opens the doors of shops or car, carrying my purchases, is silent if I do not want to talk or looks down when our eyes meet.

“Oh, but … I’m married.” Great. If your conventional marriage makes you happy, good for you. Your relationship is not better or worse than mine. We have simply chosen different things.

And even being your relationship of any kind, you need not live full time FemDom because there are many other ways to do it and nobody is forced to give up anything.

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FemDom blogs for everyone

Cruel SadistThere are blogs of all kinds, on any subject that we can imagine. Even within the same topic, blogs are as diverse as the authors are different from each other.

And each blog reflects a personality, a way of thinking, a way of living, a way of exposing the point of view of each blogger.

I, like the rest of you, visit some blogs and magazines that I love. I especially like those written by women who have chosen FemDom as their lifestyle. From FemDom Wives and husband slaves with years of experience to Ladies who begin and show all their enthusiasm in letters. There are quite a few written by submissives, sissies and slaves really good.

And each of us has our own style sharing bits of our lives.

In the sidebar, right here, there are linked a few, but I hope I’ll place some more gradually. I say “I hope” because you know that time is that which gets out of hand without us noticing while doing a thousand other things.

Visit these blogs. Participate in them leaving comments. We like you to do so, not just go in and see photos or search racy texts đŸ˜‰

And do not forget to enjoy what you have decided to be, with what you’ve succeeded in being, because that is what you have chosen and, therefore, what you deserve.

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Welcome, FemDom Ladies

209Today I bring several questions, because I keep hearing and reading many accusations of ‘intrusiveness’ towards women who were not Dommes, who may be webcammers, confectioners or astronauts and now they are advertised and exert as professional or financial Dommes.

And I keep wondering what really bothers of this subject, because we too started in Femdom at some point in our lives.

Why so much grudge? So little we trust ourselves, and our Domination, that we need to attack others?

I will go even further. What is the real experience and how many years those who get offended seeing new incorporations spent dominating? And I mean Dominating, not bragging about how much and good they dominate or entertaining idlers on chatrooms and social networks.

¿Intrusion? I do not have any university diploma certifying me as MegaFuckingMistressOfTheWorld. I went evolving, developing my fetishes and preferences. In fact, I still do.

That many of them mess up in a thousand ways? Well, I also made many mistakes before maturing my Domination. And I’m not free to keep doing it. None we are.

While I think that I will never cease to live it, I keep enjoying Femdom in a more intimate way with those who deserve it, selecting what really interests me. Of course, there are still many asses to kick and many wonderful experiences to live.

Let’s overcome our prejudices; new generations of Dommes are there and they come strongly (not to mention they are also Women). For my own part I welcome you all and I will be pleased to meet you and share conversations, laughs and games at the events wherever we meet.

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