No frills

How beautiful words, sentences, paragraphs, messages, letters… Some really creative and elaborated.

Too bad you’re not aware that I also know how to handle the language at my convenience and I detect manipulation attempts even decked out flattery in several sheets of paper.

However, if an attempt to manipulate coincides with anything I want (if we talk about facts and not mere verbiage), perhaps I allow you to believe you’ve got it, but do not discard that in the future I’ll trot out your brazenness and you end up paying for it.

Give me your daily efforts, show me the acceptance of my decisions, abide by my wishes and then you’ll can talk about the pride of your surrender.

I accept and assume my responsibilities, but you’ll not hear honeyed words from me about how much I’m going to take care of you. That’s your job, as it is you who has to please me, spoil me, take care and be at my disposal.

I will reward your loyalty and your effort, but also you will suffer because it amuses me.

I will not decorate my words so that you fall into my network, it is you who burn with desire to fall into it and, if you do, it will be on your own choice, because you really want to do it and you are aware of it.

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