Sometimes, like today, I stare at my Twitter and I can hardly detach myself. It’s one of the social networks I use more, although it’s not the one where more contacts I have. But it’s very funny and the first one I login when I have a little while.

I like to read about everything that is happening in the FemDom universe. By the way, you can follow me there, I do not bite online 😀

If you are not accustomed to, will find it very different from any other social network, but once you learn to handle it, it’s very entertaining.

I was one of those reluctant people who did not understoond how can anybody communicate with 140 characters, but a slave (who was mine by that time) encouraged me to try a little some years ago and here I am, going every day for a while and sharing my posts and photos not allowed in other networks and relating to my friends.

And for the most curmudgeon I will say no, I do not take commissions for advertising, but I like to browse through my notifications and find some gem among them 😉

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