Networks, profiles and dramas

It is shocking how people fight and accusing each other in a specific social network on allegations of photographs, groups and profiles.

When we create a profile there, we accept its rules and it allows us to interact for free. Whenever we respect its policy.

It is true that network often takes inconsistent decisions, but it’s a free space and if the nickname we use is not our real name, claims are useless because one of its specific rules says that it’s required to use our real name and surname.

There are real dramas and altercations about these things on one of the groups I was moderating. It’s great that people entertain as they like, but life has more to offer than a profile on a social network.

I spent years without redoing my account precisely there after fifteen profile eliminations, one after another. My photo/avatar is reported for inciting to violence (the one illustrating this post).

In the group I allude, I put a comment a few days ago making knowing that social networking policy forbids images of genitalia or explicit sexual content, if they were so kind to help, the group would not be closed. There were all kinds of reactions and I decided to remove my comment because, frankly, I have more to do than overseeing what other people do.

I conceive a social network as a place where I go to share things and having a good time, not to embitter with nonsense or fight with others. It’s as easy as removing from our friendships those we don’t want to hit it off or leave groups that are not to our liking, we can even block those I do not want to read.

Personally I refuse to get angry over trifles and the solution is very simple. I created this group about six years ago with the purpose of bringing together like minded people there though, after so many cancellations of my profile, the group was in other hands.

Yesterday I left that group. I’m in another 150 and who wants to find me, does it. Life is much more than a group, a photograph or a social network :)

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