My Domination

I am empathic and give opportunities to a certain extent but if the implication of a slave decays or if I see that he doesn’t want to follow my rhythm, my interest fades away and I finish by satiating my instincts elsewhere.

I like things clear from the first minute, not all are fine words, but real facts. Like seeing a smile on the face of the slave before my possessive instincts, without questioning, accepting my tyranny, giving each day the best of himself.

Obviously, all this is composed of steps that must be gradually overcome, I don’t conceive it otherwise.

But not me who lives slope of my slaves, it is they who are attentive to me. Just as it is not they who decide and who set the pace of the relationship, but who undergo my decisions and what I want.

There are many kinds of Domination and we chose on the basis of our preferences. Mine is not just a bedroom Domination.

I may be accused of being demanding, no problem, I know I am and I will keep being picky with the things I care about :)

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