My choices

Why to resign ourselves and settle for what is expected of us?

I was born at a time when the restrictions on women in Spain were tremendous. During my teens I was attacked as a rebel because I did not girded to conventions were trying to impose on me. I fought hard to make my life my way, but along the way I made mistakes that today, knowing a little more than then, I would avoid.

But my mistakes are mine and they are also part of me, like my achievements.

I defended my independence against all odds, even when the consequences were bitter.

There were many people in my life, from all countries, of every race, of all ideologies. I went through all kinds of episodes, good and bad … And all those things, in addition to decisions I was taking at all times, created CruelDama.

I still defend my independence and squeeze my life drop by drop. Because I have a life I like to live and to savor.

My illusions are intact, as my desire to do all those things I love and all that other stuff that I have yet to live.

No, my life has not been a fairy tale, but I never resigned myself to be what was expected to be, I had always clear that a conventional life was not for me. My white knights are so because I squeeze their balls until they get the tone I want 😉

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  1. Roxandra Fox says:

    All of our experiences, good or bad, and all of our battles whether won or lost, define who we are, enrich our lives and give us the experience we need to be able to be ourselves and bear the consquences in any circumstance. Good for you!

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