cashcowDo you really think I’m going to chase someone just because he mentions as if by chance that he has money? OMG, I don’t know how to qualify such nonsense.

Money is one of my fetishes, yes, but not the only one, because if it’s not voluntarily submitted along with a range of essential things to be in my service (read real surrender), you can return the way you came.

In my life you will be my slave and I your Mistress, not an employee of yours that  do what you like. If I accept you as a slave, I’ll treat you as such and you will have no preferences and privileges beyond those I give you.

There is a period of mutual accommodation and, if all goes well and I consider it appropriate to grant you my collar (and yet you want to accept it), you’ll gird to my desires and my control, not I to yours.

Yesterday I read a “submissive” on a network saying that the first Mistress who answers him could use him as she pleases because he felt so slut… Do you really think that a self-respecting Mistress will even consider replying to such nonsense?

I don’t know, perhaps I am rare, but this crap just causes my rejection for more legal tender notes he holds on his mouth.

Domination is a very different thing for me, but as I already say, maybe I am the weird :)

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