Mighty Female Mind

alma3I think the emotional intelligence of women is higher than that of men. In general terms.

No, it’s not a gynarchist slogan, but a scientifically proven fact.

I will not go into gender wars. And I’m not saying that men have no intelligence, at all, but women we have greater capacity to recognize our feelings and those of others, understand them and manage them.

We have been allocated the stereotypes of being more sensitive and maternal and what we are is more skillful in interpersonal competences.

And all this, in a Femdom context, makes us stunning emotional manipulators of our servants. Don’t you agree, Ladies?

Now, although the word ‘manipulation’ trigger the audible alarm and the flashing red lights, as it has very negative connotations for many people, I remind you that there are many kinds of manipulation and not all are bad or harmful. My ‘manipulated slaves’ have no negative emotions towards me but, on the contrary, while they are under my domain are happy being led from their mental straps.

When we talk among Dommes, it is often mentioned that female subs are more manipulative than male subs (I’m generalizing), always trying to bring things to their areas surreptitiously and that the differences with their role peers are remarkable. But … Do we take into account that, like us, they are women too? 😉

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