Male chastity

zeWomen and men live our sexuality in very different ways.

In their haste to appease a strong erection, most men, consciously or unconsciously focus their interest in getting immediate relief.

Normally, an excited man behaves in a solicitous, attentive and warm manner. And when ejaculation is a fact, that same individual loses a great deal of that overwhelming ‘interest’.

And this is where We resort to these wonderful tools that are chastity devices, or to a psychological and physical control, thus ensuring that the slave solicitous, attentive and willing part is maintained and even enhanced.

Results? Before long we see how submission gets incredibly strengthened and increased.

Aren’t We really wonderful bothering us by opening them an impressive array of other possibilities and expanding their emotional intelligence? 😉

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One Response to Male chastity

  1. Paul Riegel-Green says:

    This is why men need the chastity device worn any time the Female doesn’t want our unwanted erections

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