Loud and clear

I keep getting countless messages and emails asking me how you can serve me. Clearly reading is not your strong point, because everywhere, both here and on my website, I talk about Financial Domination constantly.

And I don’t limit myself to that kind of Domination, because I love to dominate in all aspects, but that’s my condition, my demand and my fetish. Don’t dizzy me with endless talk about the crisis, unemployment, problems or harborage and breeding silkworms.

You know I am a Financial Domme and a victimist speech will not make me take you. I’m not an NGO. You don’t go to see if you get dinner at the Ritz telling you have no income but, please, give you a chance to taste their delicacies, right?

I understand the situation of each and know the difficulties WE ALL (read right?) have today. In my website you will find the way to get a private chat with me by sending me an Amazon gift card, but getting my collar is another thing, my necklace is earned with effort, willingness, proving that you deserve it and accepting my rules.

CruelDama has to pay her bills like everyone else (and she doesn’t go whining to anyone because she has more balls than most of you) :)

I hope I have been clear, lol. Kisses and all that stuff 😉

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