Live and socialize

It’s great to have a relationship with each of my slaves. All are different and all are special. I enjoy the time I spend with each of them and, of course, privacy is needed to evolve together.

However, as people integrated in society, we must also live into it. I love socializing with like minded people in parties and events, eating with a friend, attending a show with some pooch, walking around town, visiting other places …

The life of a Domme is not to be really cute with a whip in our hand 24 hours a day. It’s great to curl up on the couch from time to time with a good little dog at our feet (or as a pillow), dinner with friends …

It’s very respectable that you choose to live a closed relationship or maybe for personal circumstances it can not be done otherwise. But I like to socialize with everyone and do not waive interacting with other people.

FemDom does not consist in living apart from the world or exiled to a destructive cult. FemDom is living and being happy doing and being what we are.

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