Live and let live

Enjoying friends and acquaintances of all roles and trends doesn’t mean a tarnishing (as some purists seem they think), but quite the opposite, because it enriches your life and expands your worldview.

Each of us is as it is and does, feel and live what we prefer.

Practicing respect for others is something that defines us as people. Criticizing and belittling other ways of living only leads to isolation and self-limitations.

We can agree with the views of neighbour or think completely opposite way, we can agree or tastes can differ completely. But it’s great to implement that so called “open mind” (and so much conspicuous by its absence so often).

These paragraphs are not going to change anyone, obviously, but maybe they make think a little to whom emit and keep emitting lamentable judgments and accusations about anything they don’t understand :)

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