I’m an avid reader, I devour the books I like. Sometimes I read two or three at a time, alternating them. I love the feeling when one gets my attention so that I can not leave it and can not wait to have a little while to keep reading. And the rage to finish it, because a book like this makes it more difficult to decide what to read next.

However I don’t like short stories. You send me occasional about FemDom and BDSM and I appreciate the detail, but the truth is that I get lazy. They are usually based on the fantasies of the author and, unless the art of writing is good, without spelling errors, the argument is credible and it’s done in an original way… And yet fulfilling all that, I find it difficult to read a short story.

It’s somewhat strange, even more considering that my English is not the best, but I strive to translate even though sometimes I have trouble doing. It is not easy to convey what I want in a language that is not my native language. But few things hold back me when I want something and I will keep learning to do it better every time.

I also dislike poetry, it cloys me. Maybe it’s because I’m too realistic and exaggerated mysticism repels me.

But I like blogs. Not all, but smart, which show the writer knows what she/he says. There are a few really good of Female Domination in both Spanish and English, and I am a faithful follower, while I’m delighted that those who write them follow me.

It is a matter of taste, as many of you enjoy the stories, poetry and many other things that I do not like.

Beauty and pleasure reside in that to which each awarded these properties.

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