Just a reminder

At this point and, after so many similar requests, I have to remind you (again) that I’m also a Financial Domme and my time is valuable.

Want a conversation with me to tell me your problems, confess your sins, tell me about your fantasies or show me your respect on Skype or Yahoo? Follow the instructions on the Serve Me tab on my website.

I do not add or accept anyone who does not follow the steps listed there.

These instructions apply to both those who aspire to be mine as for anyone wishing to consult any question, a problem, a desire, a fantasy or just a relaxed conversation.

Here I am providing a completely free space, I upload my photos, I tell you bits of my life and share my opinions. I receive many emails and private messages on social networks wherein you tell me many things. And I like you to do so, it’s sign that you read me, but if I’d answer everyone in writing, would be glued to the screen the whole day.

You can talk or chat with me about anything in real time, just do it under my rules 😉

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