Interior gaze

Twists and turns of life. Just a few years ago I did not imagine would end up organizing BDSM events and I was the co-hostess of private parties every weekend. I had several 24/7 slaves, but I stay with my faithful bitch. Years ago (a few) I was an amateur in Domination and now I’m listed on countless FemDom directories worldwide.

We evolve to where we want to, obviously, overcoming obstacles, fighting for what we want, living each stage and learning from every step we take.

In my life has been all kinds of people, ethnicities, socio-cultural levels, nationalities, purchasing power, personalities … and from all of them I’ve got something very valuable: experience. I still have a lot to learn and countless adventures to live. Each episode gives me different shades and I enjoy all the good things I find in my way.

Hedonist? Maybe if within the definition we include sadism and Domination (things I’m not willing to give up, Epicureans and Cyrenaica appart), although I do not consider myself an eternal happiness seeker, but I delight myself in every single drop of it. I think it’s not necessary to search (what stress!), we get it if we perceive it.

What will CruelDama do in five or ten years? I can not say for sure, of course, but probably she will be surrounded by slaves that will be providing her millions of drops of happiness.

By the way, I know someone who is writing a book about happiness, although he loses in theoretical and forget to live the happiness letting it slip through his fingers. But it is his choice, I have mine.

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