Today I’m going to mention a few nonsense of those which some of us disregard but, anyway, there they are.

There are people with too much spare time and no arrests enough to have a fulfilling life, so they remain mulling trying to get noticed in the stupidest ways. Reports of photos, malicious comments, attempts to discredit others without having the slightest idea about what they argue, childish envies and other nonsense with which they fill their time.

Has anyone told these characters that with a little effort they might have a life?

Oh, CruelDama makes filmings! Wait, DominaXXX is a webcammer! Look, LadyABC sells used panties!

Yes, that’s right, every Mistress, Domina, Dominatrix or whatever you want to call us, does with her life what she feels like and deserves respect. It’s that simple.

Is that perhaps we criticize you for filling out profiles on social networks and upload pictures that you find in the Internet as if they were your own? Do we laugh at your blunders when you’re pleasing those submissives in exchange for to make you feel like queens in four words they repeat to all of us? And you, submissive, do we tell you what we think about these tantrums when you receive a negative? That’s the answer: no!

I could go on with this kind of questions, although I know how to respect others and I don’t want to change anyone, too many closed minds will remain, but… someone had to say it, lol.

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