It’s good to have a plan in general but, although we follow a determined pattern or direction in order to achieve a goal, can not be gridded to the point of letting escape delicious moments for not looking around.

Like a session, for example. You can have a particular appetence, a planned practice, but why limit ourselves to one if we can enjoy others at the same time and with many variants?

I’m pretty creative (the gossips say also twisted), so I am not satisfied with “what is expected”, but in my world everything is possible, as I do not close doors to spontaneity and allow modifications to pre-planning.

I think about many things when I want something, I visualize the situation, props, staging… but I don’t like armored scripting or theaters and take every variable to bring things to where I want in different ways.

As this post, for example 😀

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One Response to Improvising

  1. Roxandra Fox says:

    Improvisation, innovation and spontaneity are the spice of life!

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