I share

I promote great people who have things to contribute to the community, I mention them and I even dedicate them posts to all know them in a completely disinterested way.

I don’t understand that ostracism wonderful people are relegated because of jealousy and envies. I rectify, yes, I understand it. There is a tendency to ignore and make derogatory comments towards anyone who is perceived as a threat.

There is room for everyone in this world. I know my value and use my skills to get what I want.

Someone asked me why I talk about this or that Dominatrix, she is prettier than me or has bigger tits. Apart from that comment is incredibly pathetic and portrays who threw it up, I don’t dominate with my tits.

It’s a shame there is not more support among members of FemDom and BDSM. So little you trust in yourself that need yourself away from others who can make you shade?

If a Dominatrix publishes a photo on the internet that is beautiful, I don’t doubt for a moment to comment on how beautiful I see her. If anyone has a good initiative, stands out for her work or is a good person, why not give them our support?

There are also people looking for me precisely to promote them, knowing that CruelDama reaches many people. But if I give you my support and you fault, do not expect I keep it. I can play dumb, but I’m not :)

Internet is a good way to be known, but also to share many other things.

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  1. Roxandra Fox says:

    It is easy to criticise and criticism is valuable provided it is constructive. Praise where it is due is also good and constructive criticism can assist the person to whom it is directed. However, non-constructive criticism and derogatory remarks smacks of jealousy on the part of the perpetrator who by that very act is small minded. Good honest exchanges are what are needed to help us all. To give us a boost when we need one and a help or assistance when needed. Anything else is unnecessary and unwanted.

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