I choose

Oh, how evil I am that I don’t answer certain emails and messages!

Let’s see… You distribute your time as you want (or as you can, that there is everything). If your greatest aspiration is to live on social networks flitting some and other, great, it’s your choice. But for some the internet is only a small part of everything I do.

On my cellphone there is not any social networking App. I refuse to live watching for notifications that would get me glued to the screen all the time. If I’m at an event, having a drink with someone, in a session or just walking around, I prefer to enjoy what I’m living in real time without a constant alarm sound telling me that someone liked the photo I uploaded a few hours ago.

And I also like to socialize online. I’ve got friends with whom I maintain daily contact that way, but delimit the time I spend on each thing or would do nothing but to live watching a screen.

If this is to be evil… I am :)

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