I am

I admit I have a great ego. I know I’m not like most women. Not even like most Dommes. And I am not one more FinDomme. Not to discount anyone at all, but I know I’m different and I think that those of you who read me know it too.

I’m no better or worse than anyone, I’m different.

I’m not the Goddess who is above the rest of mortals. But I’m not under anyone :)

My way of doing things is exactly mine. Not imitate or copy anyone, I am just myself, that’s how I feel most comfortable and how I like to live. No tricks, no poses, no guile.

I’m not looking to be accepted by all, that would be hypocritical and tiring and I prefer to use my energy on more rewarding things.

I don’t believe in equality in relationships I establish. I am Dominant and enjoy dominating, I’m not an Internet Dominant. I am a real Domme, of flesh and blood, of those who, besides being human, were born to be worshiped and served. But not because I say it. Not enough to say “serve me dog, I am your Mistress.”

I enslave because it’s in me, born in my bowels. No time to dominate and not all submissives awake my instincts, but when I see something or somebody that interests me, I leave my door open for him to find me.

I feel a great respect for all ways of living FemDom, although not agree with them all. We only have one life and each one choose how to enjoy it.

I am… Me 😉

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One Response to I am

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Cruel Dama,

    I humbly disagree, you are better than everyone else, especially me!

    slave braxton

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