Hidden desires – Forced Bi

orquitoThere are practices that, I will not say all of them, but many submissives and slaves fantasize in the deepest of their minds. Desires that many do not even dare to confess to themselves, even vehemently deny it in public, but make beat their bowels when they are alone.

Conventional education and the sociocultural environment block those pulsions that society in general decides not to approve. It would be a real debacle that someone might call into question their virility or that anyone could think that … Oh, what a mess!

I think the only scandal we have here is not accepting oneself, but that’s my opinion, as everyone does with his life what he wants. And there is the case of those who declare it as a limit, and in this case, it’s very respectable if Mistress accept it.

Forced bi is often a humiliation for the male ego, a surrender of their manliness. That is, if he is actually forced because, as I say, although many do not admit it, they want to undergo this practice. And even many argue that “they would be willing to” on the grounds that would do it for us, when what they really seek is the perfect excuse to realize their own fantasies.

And what about the cuckolding? An example: Do you feel excited thinking about your Mistress having sex with another man while she forces you to look and she commands you to prepare that man for her while you open your mouth so everything is to the liking of your Owner?

Okay, relax, it’s just a post. Dommes, we are that discreet 😀

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One Response to Hidden desires – Forced Bi

  1. Devina Cox says:

    My solution was the discovery of Shemales…so it wasn’t so much bi and certainly not forced, but embraced and loved. More Women to love!

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