Good manners

To date, I don’t think you have seen me involved in a fight with anyone. And there have been, of course, but I don’t consider necessary to make a public display of ordinariness in which lose my temper.

My method is simple: if I have something to say, I’ll tell you in private, but if I can’t reason with you, I’ll blot you, I don’t have to endure energumens and much less behave as such.

I have a strong character, but having it no means to flaunt rudeness or allow anyone to disturb me to the point of embitter my day.

Now in private I can be really hurtful, raising my voice or quietly.

To give entertainment, melodrama and adrenaline altercations for all to see how bad I am, not for me. I keep my more vulgar vocabulary for those times that I enjoy in other ways.

As I do not live playing to the gallery, I need not to show my power, good enough for me to exercise it if I think fit. And of course, I’m not going to show it to the first rat peeking out.

There is someone who these days has earned my complete and utter indifference. But hey, this is of no importance, some people do not deserve an explanation even in private. And the day is so beautiful… :)

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