Goddamn Money Fetish

44It’s frowned upon having the money as a fetish, seems to be the worst taboo in the world. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s face it. It’s frowned upon even to talk about it or to be an openly supporter of Money Fetish (although what many feel is just pure envy behind their poorly understood Puritanism masks). Well, the money excites me, that my slaves give me cash and pay my whims makes me feel pulsations in certain zones of my anatomy.

Funny, because I use my slaves as any other Mistress does, with the difference that she is invited to dinner from time to time and my slaves indulge me like a Queen.

Also surprising to see how in a community in which it’s assumed an open mind, can be so narrow towards the own members, since I use my properties in many different ways.

I enjoy a good CBT, a ponyplay, being attended and served in any domestic aspect, having a chauffeur if I do not want to drive, spanking with flogger, cane, crop, paddle, whip, a trampling, feminizing some of my little bitches … so many things… because this is my lifestyle and most of most people just live it through photos on the net :)

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