Get off the cloud

And always the same … Let’s see: it’s wonderful to dream and fantasize with our desires, imagining those desired scenes and letting our mind fly towards those coveted situations. Dreaming is very healthy.

But if you come to me, come with your feet on the floor, with your reality and the humility of what you really are, not with the moovie about what could be.

I can understand your excitement to tell me about how your ideal life would be, but I’m no a young girl to whom you can fool with nonsense to get your purposes (most of the time, these purposes are not other that to reach a horny conversation to surrender to your onanistic practices).

Masturbate whatever you want, even up skinning your genitals, but do not pretend to waste my time, because all you’ll get is I ignore you.

I know many of you celebrate my photos, but that, far from bothering me, makes me smile. You are so predictable… 😀

The one that really want to serve me, who want to know me, omits all that talk that begins with “I want”. You still have not understood that in the world of CruelDama what you want or wish is secondary? Your happiness will be to keep me happy. And if it’s not… keep looking my pictures and fantasizing, is all you’re going to get 😉

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2 Responses to Get off the cloud

  1. Unknown says:

    Just a short note to say that I think you are simply magnificent. I am brand new to this blog and feel blessed that I accidentally found it.

    In respect to you and with admiration,


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