Generously Cruel

portatilSome come, others go. This is life. Even some appear, disappear, reappear …

I’m talking about submissives and slaves, although the certain thing is that it is a pattern that could be applied to any type of people with whom we interact throughout life.

All Dommes know how they are and the blandishments they come to invent to get a new opportunity.

These days several different exemplars have reappeared in my life.

One of them is a lovely little slut, of those who take refuge in the distance to do what he feels like hiding behind his job, his partner, his penis … I’ve prepared him a blackmail contract, a really comprehensive and forceful one, since it’s the only way to have him under complete control.

There is another one who wore my necklace for a long time and I keep good memories of his real servitude. Now he wants to submit to me completely. Again. We’ll see how it ends, because I have granted him the opportunity to demonstrate his devotion.

There is a third one who takes a long time waiting but for circumstances of life, will have to keep waiting.

Obviously I have much to say about my conditions, rules, requirements and all those little things I enjoy. Whenever our conversations prosper, otherwise I need only to shelve and stay with the slaves who are already at my feet and know the meaning of loyalty and fidelity.

My summary? They’re all bad bitches of those that we must bring to heel. But what can I do? They amuse me so much … 😀

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