For lazy submissives

go sissy!Every hour of your life has such a great potential to change your world, that the great days by which you sigh from your eternal dissatisfaction could have arrived and you haven’t noticed it.

‘I don’t find a Mistress’, ‘My vanilla life doesn’t fill me’, ‘I have a lot of problems’, ‘blah, blah, blah …’. Let’s see: Move your fucking ass, fight for whatever makes you happy and stop whining!!

Oh right, I did not realize that it requires your effort and that’s too much to ask. Because you’re comfortable with your dramas, you feel warm surrounded by self pity. At least you have something to talk about when you meet somebody. Just disguise your apathy of victimhood and lash out at how unfair it is everything and you can already go back home with the joy of blow off stresss for a little while. And so day after day.

You know what? Do not envy you. At all. You live an insipid life without even having an incentive, an ideal, a goal that encourage you towards the happiness of becoming what you want to be.

But it’s your choice. You choose not to fight. I respect that. But that I respect that does not mean I have to endure your presence riddled with lamentations. Wallow in your misery away from me. Show me your devotion and put a smile on my face.

Reread the first sentence of this post. The dramas, in movies :)

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